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It is our intention that our organization is based solely on the ability to grow each player maturely, by taking a passionate approach to the game of soccer while promoting both core values, and advanced training methods, at an affordable investment to our parents. 

* Pro Game Alliance FC will set forth the highest standards for all of our coaches, players, and families, allowing the organization to base our future success not only on winning, but the overall development of each player. Our program takes great pride in the relationships we build with both our players and parents, while pushing each athlete to their own potential and goals. As an organization, we believe that determination, commitment and hard work can bridge the gap between potential and true performance.

* Our Coaching Staff will provide instruction to our players of all ages in a positive, stimulating manner. Our coaching philosophy helps to create an energetic and disciplined atmosphere, while encouraging respect, integrity, and personal growth. We believe in pushing teammates to be better, picking them up when they are down, and always believing in yourself. Character is revealed in times of adversity and soccer provides that adversity. It is our hope that our core values and principles will be internalized and will remain with each of our players throughout their lives both on and off the field.

As an organization, 

Pro Game Alliance FC seeks to compete against the best competition in the tri-state area and work to achieve this by playing in many competitive leagues, tournaments, and showcases. The players will learn to play the game the right way with a confident mental approach and sound fundamentals both offensively and defensively. Everyone will learn how to win and lose the right way…for family, club and country.



Director of Player Development: Tiziano Carcone “TC”-

Ph: 516-776-0032

Director of Coaching: Brahim Chhab -

            Ph: 347-563-0635


 Club Achievements & Relationships

National Youth Soccer ID Program

Players selected for National / International Events

Private College ID CAMP

International Club Relationships

PSG, Metz, Lille

Yearly International Training & Tournaments in France

Partnership with “POLE” center of Futbol Player Development in France

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